HOSTS Manager 2.1.1 Full Version 2023

Download Hosts Manager for Windows for completely. It is a standalone, online software that can easily change the guests folder.

a summary of the Hosts Manager

This is a simple command-line program that may easily change the Windows Hosts file to let or keep specific webpages off of your system. By removing regions that are vulnerable to malware, adware, or data collection activities, this stability measure you improve the comfort of your Internet searching.

It can also be used to safeguard kids by outlawing Nsfw( adult-oriented ) websites or other content that encourages misbehavior or violence. Finding the connections between platforms and Ip addresses by upgrading the Hosts document, which is in charge of Ip representations, is the quickest way to implement this strategy.

Additionally, it doesn’t need to be installed and is included with two separate executable files for Windows 32-bit( x86 ) and 64 – 64. Launching the.exe causes the tool to automatically update the hosts file, adding ready entries that can be independently examined in three text documents with sources, user names, and allowed( whitelist ) realms.

Characteristics of the Hosts Manager

  • To prevent domains, edit the Hosts file.
  • To upgrade hosts, use a command-line resource.
  • Blocks telematics and other private features in Windows 10
  • Boss of Practical Hosts, but without support

Technical Information and System Requirements

  • Supported Os: & nbsp, Windows Xp( Sp 3 ) Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 32 / 64-bit.
  • Celeron Iv or higher computer
  • 1 Gb of ram( two extras are advised )
  • 200 Kb or more of complimentary hard disk space

Information about the product

hostsmgr 2.1 – al is the record label. zilch. z

henrypp created

Type- 2. 1.1.

Freeware of the passport kind

Time of transfer


Complete number of downloads: 733

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