MiTeC InfoBar 4.4.0 Full Version 2023

Free Download Mitec Infobar total type solo, offline setup for Windows that shows the most important data in the toolbar.

a brief description of Mitec Infobar

The major windowpane of this program is a Windows taskbar-like window with an auto-hide function. The most crucial details about your system are displayed. When turned on, clicking reports is displayed alongside News Ticker, which is fed by Rss Reader.

Mitec Infobar’s characteristics

  • Current Weather Situations
  • Event Counseling
  • System Up – Day
  • a strength source
  • Details on disk
  • Utilization
  • Process with highest Utilization
  • Use of Ram
  • Day and Dayname
  • Present Moment
  • Doors on the console

Program specifications and complex information

  • Windows 11, Windows 10, Panels 8, and Windows 7 are supported Oses.
  • Ram( Memory ): 2 Gb of ram, with 4gb advised.
  • 200 Mebibyte or more of free hard disk space

Information about the product

Infobar_ Setup is the name of the file. file

Mitec created

Version 4.4.0 is required.

License kind – unrestricted software

Release Date

Multicultural cultures

Total number of downloads: 652

Windows specifications

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