New Tales From The Borderlands Free Download

New Tales From The Borderlands Free Download is a picture activity that falls under the venture and synergistic storytelling style. It was developed by Telltale Games and released in 2014. The game is regarded as one of Telltale Games’ best works and was well-received by both participants and critics. The game is set in the popular first-person shooter games Gearbox Software’s &# 8220, Borderlands, and # 8221 universes.

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The narrative of &# 8220, New Tales from the Borderlands, and # 8221 is told through the eyes of Rhys and Fiona, two main characters. Rhys is a company man who works for the Hyperion Corporation, while Fiona is a sting musician from the continent Pandora. The two heroes have their own motivations, but they are brought together by a shared desire to obtain a useful Vault Key. The Vault Key is a famous object that can access a vault that is said to include untold riches.

New Tales From The Borderlands Free Download Pc

Throughout the match, Rhys and Fiona encounter a colorful cast of characters, including different con artists, Orion personnel, and harmful bandits. They must apply their card and their abilities to navigate through risky situations and make tough decisions. The game is broken up into five episodes, each of which adds to the overall plot while also having its own self-contained account.

The gameplay in &# 8220, New Tales from the Borderlands &# 8221, is primarily focused on making choices that affect the story. Athletes are presented with various dialog options and selections that can have main effects for the characters and the planet around them. The game also features some light puzzle – solving parts, as well as rapid – occasion occasions that require players to respond quickly to avoid harm.

The game’s visuals are colorful and stylized, with a comic book – inspired arts style. The situations are intricately detailed, and the figures are well-designed and expressive.
The game’s music is also prominent, featuring a mix of original songs and certified lines.

New Tales From The Borderlands Download Full Game

The writing in &# 8220, New Tales from the Borderlands, and # 8221 is one of its strengths. The plot of the game is interesting and well-paced, with lots of crisis, actions, and fun. The characters are well – developed and attractive, with their own specific personalities and motivations. The game’s dialog is witty and clever, with plenty of wonderful one – liners and pop culture references.

Another strength of the game is its use of the &# 8220, Borderlands &# 8221, universe. While the game is not a direct sequel to the main &# 8220, Borderlands &# 8221, games, it takes place in the same world and features many of the same locations, enemies, and weapons. Fans of the main games will appreciate the references and easter eggs scattered throughout&# 8220, New Tales from the Borderlands, &# 8221, but newcomers to the series can still enjoy the game’s story on its own.


    Account – driven gameplay: The game’s history is the main emphasis, and the team’s choices and actions drive the plot forward. The game features a branching story, with various options leading to different results and ending.

  • Memorable characters: The show’s two main characters, Rhys and Fiona, are well – developed and likeable. The sport even features a put of supporting characters, each with their own distinct characters and motivations.
  • Humor: &# 8220, New Tales from the Borderlands &# 8221, features a healthy dose of humor, with plenty of witty dialogue and humorous situations.
  • Action and adventure: The match features lot of action and adventure, with the midfielder navigating harmful settings and facing off against dangerous antagonists.
  • Puzzle-solving: The sport has a few simple components that require athletes to use their brains in addition to their reflexes.
  • Art fashion: The game features a comic book – inspired artwork tone, with bright colors and stylized character designs.
  • Music: To enhance the overall surroundings and immersion of the game, the soundtrack combines unique music with licensed tracks.
  • Choices and repercussions: The story and the world of the game are significantly impacted by the person’s decisions and deeds.
    Some options can had significant outcomes, leading to different outcomes and endings.

System specifications


  • Operating System: Windows xp service Pack 3
  • Cpu: Core 2 Duo 2ghz or equivalent
  • Memory: 3 Mbps Computer
  • Ati or Nvidia visuals notice with 512 Mb of ram
  • Directx: Version 9.0c
  • Storeroom: 3 Gb of space is available.
  • Audio Card: Direct X 9.0c tone device


  • Windows 7 is the running system.
  • Chipset: Core 2 Duo 2.3ghz or comparative
  • 4 Gb of ram
  • Graphics: Ati or Nvidia card w / 1024 Mb Ram
  • Dx: Variant 9.0c
  • Safe-keeping: 3 Gb of space is available.
  • Sound Cards: Direct X 9.0c sound gadget


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