About Us

Tariro pronounced [tar-i-ro] is an African Shona term meaning "Hope" 

Tariro is built on the  belief that investing in the capacity of women to access and use financial services will improve and sustain economic opportunities, reduce poverty, increase education opportunities for children, improve health outcomes and build economic resilient communities in a pandemic or not. 

Tariro establish multi-service centers for women, girls, and children in densely populated communities, commencing in Lagos and gradually extending to other Nigerian states. 

Tariro centers also provide safe and user-friendly services in basic healthcare for women and children; early learning and special education support for children under 60 months while their mothers are at work; financial services for women including bank accounts, enterprise loans and business support to increase productivity and household income; psycho-social support for girls and women to reduce gender based and domestic violence, in addition to social protection services through a solidarity network of women to women enterprises.

Tariro Communities


We are working to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children, girls and women in the hardest to reach communities in Ghana.    


We are on ground across Nigeria, working with the most vulnerable children, girls, and women in communities where inequality is blatant.


In South Africa, we are providing unique responses to the health, psycho-social help,  education and protection services needs of children, girls and women.

Tariro Results and Learning

Tariro measures success not by numbers reached, but by our beneficiaries that are thriving.

Through the customized dashboard, Tariro uses an evaluation framework to conduct an on-track/off-track assessment, determine impact and maintain organizational accountability.

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