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Tariro Services

A bouquet of impact aimed at social protection and human capital development. Tariro provides multi-service centers for children

When you give, access to healthcare, education, and a secure future instantly become a right for families whose lives are being transformed by Tariro. 


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News From Tariro

Tariro set to host at the sidelines of the 75th Annual UN General Assembly 2020

Tariro kicks off activities in Lagos

CHESTRAD Global launches Tariro an indigenuos social Impact Programme

Tariro Portfolio - Expanded Committee Meeting

In the document is a detailed snapshot of the entire Tariro programme – its objectives, and those who will be benefiting from it. “that our children, girls, mothers and young ones will survive, thrive and excel”

Tariro Portfolio - Aide To Trade

We seek to accelerate momentum towards the gathering like-minded individuals to support children, girls and women within enabling environments for new inclusive solutions to emerge.

Implementing Partners

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